The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) was established by the Communications Regulatory Authority Act (CRA Act : No.19 of 2012) to regulate the communitations sector in Botswana.


 The CRA Act mandates BOCRA to protect and promote the interests of consumers, purchasers and other users of the services in the regulated sectors, particularly in respect of the prices charged for, and the availability, quality and variety of services and products, and where appropriate, the  variety of services and products offered throughout Botswana.


 BOCRA invites consumers to participate in a Quality of Service (QoS) feedback campaign code named "My Network, My Quality". The purpose of the campaign is to identify common problems and common areas of poor network quality to guide appropriate interventions aimed at improving Qos within the mobile telephony sector.


The QoS parameters being investigated are:
Call Setup Success: A measure of the number of times a call attempt was successful.
Call Drop : A measure of the number of calls that were cut by the network before the customer could end the call.
Call Quality : The audible sound quality during a call.

Kindly answer the questions below.  If you use more than one network, you are requested to provide separate responses for each network. Kindly provide as much information as possible.

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